Bifurcations, 2013-2017

This work is based on an interest in patterns of people, infrastructure, architecture, and systems that have grown so large and out of proportion to their original purpose that they loose touch with human reason and understanding. Innate disturbances and the potential for chaos in all systems of seeming order are revealed along with the idea that all systems of a closed order are bound to fail and the illusion of order and security in the grid is destroyed.

The circle can be considered an unbroken line, an unknotted knot, showing no tangle, a clean and simple form. Yet, experiments with these glass bangles have witnessed effects to the contrary and there is substantial topographical density to be created, as I explore this humble artefact of a unique, dying tradition.

All works are made from fused and stretched handmade glass bangles from India. This work was made possible through the invaluable help of Anjali Srinivasan and ChoChoMa Studio in Chennai/Dubai. 


Bundles of bangles at the wholesale market in Firozabad, India, 2012. Photo: Stine Bidstrup 

Moments Before Words, 2013