Sights & Sites - A series of interventions from 2005-2009 in public spaces

Glass, water, surroundings. 

A series of public interventions in which banal locations – such as a New Jersey suburb, or a beach promenade in Holland – are punctuated with clear glass blobs. Installed without explanation – or permission – and appropriated, so to speak, by passersby, the audience. 

As these are temporal and site-specific works, the work is shown as photographs that show how resuscitating the opticality of the material can function to an almost Surrealist effect, in a way that could recall the early scenes of a monster B-movie but also conveys a quietly critical, political implication about the use of public space today, when trying to create a situation where you engage in a public space.

Sights and Sites for an Office Landscape, 2008. Collaboration with GUBI Furniture.