The Studio - Model after a Psychoanalysis of Luftkraft Glass Studio, 2016

Film (27 mins.) and large glass model of the floor plan of the premises where the collaborative glass studio Luftkraft is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The work creates a narrative of Bidstrup's work space, the studio, through an analysis conducted by a psychologist. She approached the studio as if a client had come to her to express thoughts about the experience of entering these spaces. The film is filmed in the empty studio, navigating through the spaces as the psychologist’s story and discussions on the artistic mind of the studio make up the soundscape.

The large glass model is an interpretation of the psychologist's interpretation. The colored glass walls with images, drawings and diagrams illustrate the symbols and metaphors that were unfolded during the analysis. Each space represents parts of the studio's development of personality features, and addresses various steps from infancy to child- and adulthood, development of language, differentiating between inner and outer limits, and a balancing of an unconscious chaos with conscious order. 

Photographs by Dorte Krogh and Stine Bidstrup. 

The film is in Danish. For high resolution film, contact the studio at