Solo exhibition: Architectural Glass Fantasies - Utopia Materialized at Heller Gallery (NYC), sept-oct 2018.

Architectural Glass Fantasies, 2018-19

Architectural Glass Fantasies, 2011 - ongoing

A revival of a specific architectural glass fantasy based on a series of visions by the
German writer Paul Scheerbart (1863-1915) and the German architect Bruno Taut (1880-1938).
The works in the series Architectural Glass Fantasies are attempts to give physical form to their written thoughts about glass architecture and the potential colossal impact on society this could have. 

These sculptures pursue an aesthetic based on the complexity and diversity of the crystalline. They are about a search for ways to represent a multitude of possible viewpoints and not a single universal one through the use of a flexible surface, paper, as the original sketching tool. The endless variation of a folded surface, the entrancing activity of building a form through a simple, repetitive activity.

Photographs by Dorte Krogh and Stine Bidstrup. 

Photo: Tina Louise Hunderup