3 Years of Room for Immersion and Continuation of Artistic Practice

I am infinitely honored and grateful to have been awarded the 3-Year Work Grant from The Danish Arts Foundation this year in support of my work in Denmark and abroad.

The motivation for the award can be read here in Danish: www.kunst.dk

And a translated version here:
Stine Bidstrup's fascinating sculptural glassworks draw inspiration from the history of architecture and design, and are based on a very high level of craftsmanship, which makes it possible to work freely in the material and involve several layers of meaning. At her first solo exhibition at Heller Gallery NYC in the fall of 2018, she showed an impressive range of highly attractive works from the series Architectural Glass Fantasies, where her starting point was to interpret utopian ideas through optical phenomena. Stine Bidstrup's works have grown both in size and expression over the past few years and appear both impressive and innovative, and she is now standing in front of an international breakthrough. Against this background, we in the Danish Arts Foundation will back her up with 3 years for immersion, idea development and creation of new personal works.