Let Your Eyes Be the Invention, 2012 


A large sculptural installation consisting of hundreds of cut Fresnel lenses that are assembled into four different sizes of regular tetrahedra, suspended individually or chained together from the ceiling.

Due to the optical properties of the lenses, spatial volume seems to appear without actual mass inside each of the parts, and they function as types of seeing devices or optical instruments allowing us to see our surroundings in a concentrated, detailed and, perhaps most distinctively, inverted manner.

This analog displacement, engages a sense of wonder, when we are reminded that an image in its most analog state of behavior is light. Let Your Eyes Be the Invention is based on an interest in how the eye takes in an image and the constant orchestration that takes place in tandem with brain’s processing of multiple flows of information to construct our understanding of the world through vision.

Photographs by Stefan Johansson.