Studies in Search of Order and Chaos, 2010-2013


Blown glass with digital imagery.

The objects in the series Studies in Search of Order and Chaos are motivated by the idea of glass as a lens and membrane that distorts, transforms and reflects an underlying layer of information consisting of different geometric patterns. A combination of digital and handcraft working methods are used to construct intricate patterns, in specific historic reference to old Venetian pattern-making, and crystalline shapes, which are simultaneously visible and perplexing because of the precise and repeated grid-lines underneath the optical thickness of the transparent glass.

Interference, overlapping and optical vibrations happen in the delicate precision of the lines, but imperfections and gleams of coincidence from the hand-made process are seen in the details. As much as I am attracted by the making of precision, I am as much invested in the slippages that occur in the grid structures and the condensation, the narrowing of pattern, that develops indeterminate spaces in between the lines of a seemingly ordered system. The agitation in the patterns shatters notions of absolute axiality revealing an omni-directional orientation. These enlarge the innate disturbances and potential for dissolution and chaos in all systems of seeming order. 

Photographs by Dorte Krogh. 

Studies in Search of Order and Chaos, 2007-2010


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